Mission Statement

The Wolfville Soccer Club (WSC) is a non-profit community soccer club whose mission is to provide soccer players, coaches and parents in Wolfville and area with opportunities to learn, play, and develop regardless of age, gender or ability. 

The Club aims to ensure that these opportunities are granted in a safe, fun and supportive manner while encouraging development in the sport of soccer. 

The Wolfville Soccer Club offers an organized environment for club members to enjoy physical activity, social development and competition, through the game of soccer. Our executive consists of parents and coaches who are committed to the sport of soccer and its development in our community.

Vision Statement

Our club vision is to promote the sport of soccer among youth in our community through:

Accessibility- To promote access to our programs through funding assistance programs; a non-discrimination policy and a welcoming environment.

Skill development- To strive for the highest standards in skill and sportsmanship Self esteem- To create a positive, fun-filled playing environment for all players, coaches, and parents.

Infrastructure- To encourage the development of more and improved playing fields.

Policy- To act as a liaison between soccer’s governing bodies and our constituents.

Competition- To support provincial/national soccer programs by encouraging participation by players, coaches, and all volunteers. 

Leadership- To attract new coaches and to support coaching development

History of the Club

The Wolfville Soccer Club (WSC) was formed in 1981, and is a not-for-profit society registered under the Societies Act of the Province of Nova Scotia. The WSC is managed by a Board of Directors (Wolfville Soccer Club Executive). During the Summer Season we generally register approximately 150 players, who come from the Town of Wolfville and surrounding areas. Volunteers and sponsors are welcomed. For further information please contact president@wolfvillesoccer.ca.