Mini Program Description

Lil Kickers – The Under 5 programs are designed to improve your child’s basic human movements focusing on agility, balance and coordination. The sessions consist of children’s games played with and against a parent-partner. The children are still quite egocentric at this age and consequently games played versus other children are less enjoyable to the participants. Our main objective for this age are for the children to have fun being active.

7 and Under – This age group does a lot of work on fundamental movement skills through cooperative games, exhibition games and jamborees arranged for this age group where children play 3 versus 3. Any skill work is masked in children games designed to foster the development of stage appropriate movements. The children are divided into smaller groups for each session and they rotate through stations, with each station being a different activity.

9 and Under – The Under 8 program is designed to focus on the development of physical literacy and specific technical skill development. Our goal is to create an engaging learning environment for players to participate in many fun skills based games and small sided games. Players will be playing all positions in practice and games including goalkeeper to get exposure and experiencing playing in the various areas of the field with different roles. The focus of games will be to develop soccer skills, teamwork, understand basic rules and develop fitness, along with the main goal of having fun! Games are played with four field players and a goalkeeper.

11 and Under – This is an exciting age group to coach. The practices while designed to continue the development of the fundamental movement skills, the player’s capacity to conceptualize the game and improve technique is great. The Under 10 and Under 12 age groups are regarded as the “golden age of learning” as the players have a greater capacity to learn new skills. This is the beginning of the Learn to Train stage of the Long Term Player Development Model and a lot of the practices are spent working on technique, encouraging the player’s to “think the game” and improving their ability as movers.

Age Breakdown A player may be registered in the corresponding Age Category listed, provided he/she has not reached the stipulated birthday before January 1st of the calendar year for season in which he/she is registering. In rare cases a player may play up, in an older age category. Players are not able to play down in an age category younger than that player. The following stipulations shall accompany this move: 

1. The move must be agreed upon by a) The Coaches of both teams b) The WSC Executive c) The players’ parent(s).

 2. The player will remain in the higher age category and should not play in two age categories in one season.